The natural progression in our walk with the Lord Jesus

O ihave to live my life in faith without seeing Him 2 Cor 5:7

Following on from my posts,  God wants you to get to know Him and In The Shadow Of His Hand , a few things are becoming very clear. Firstly, God wants us to want Him for Himself, and not for what He gives us or we expect Him to give us, and secondly, He wants us to be so utterly dependent on Him, that we are like children with Him.

The next thing I see is that He holds us still at times until we ‘get’ what it is that He wants us to see and then, we are expected to not whine and complain and give up, as we go about our daily lives in relative obscurity as Christians as He does with us as He knows best.

Most of all, the Lord expects us to TRUST Him, knowing in faith, that He is there all the time even when it looks and feels like He has shut up heaven up and appears to be nowhere to be found.

And so on to today’s, thoughts.

Any time we stop and take stock of our physical lives, we can immediately see how far we have come or have stepped back a few steps, quite easily. For example, we may see that once we were renting a home and are now paying off  bond/mortgage. Or maybe it is the other way round and that due to difficulties, we are now renting when once we were paying off our bond/mortgage. One thing we know for sure is that nothing is static in our lives. Due to the way the world measures success, our common sense/conditioning falls into line with this and we too see our success (or lack thereof) by how much we have or have not.

The Christian life with God is not measured in this way at all. In fact, it is the antithesis of how the world functions.

As the Lord grows our faith and our relationship with the Him, and we are really seeking Him, we will gradually begin to see life very differently from the way we used to.

In the earlier days, we may have sought the Lord out for what we could ‘get’ from Him and would judge our spiritual blessings and growth by what we had received from Him in the physical realm. As we walk, we may ask for less physically and begin to ask for more spiritually and gradually begin to see that we actually grow the most, more often than not, during times of difficulties.

We will also come to a place of immense growth when we can count those difficult times too as blessings and not grow faint and run away from them as we go through them. Romans 8:28 We grow the most when we understand that we are not able to live in any area that we are independent from Him. It happens as we become less that He might become more. John 3:30

It is through the normal, everyday, ordinary physical realm, that we are taught so much for the spiritual. It is here that we begin to learn that we are in the world, but not of it. John 17:14-16

It is His will be done, not ours. Praise Him for our understanding of this!

Once it was the blessing,
Now it is the Lord;
Once it was the feeling,
Now it is His Word;
Once His gift I wanted,
Now, the Giver own;
Once I sought for healing,
Now Himself alone.

All in all forever,
Only Christ I’ll sing;
Everything is in Christ,
And Christ is everything.

Once ’twas painful trying,
Now ’tis perfect trust;
Once a half salvation,
Now the uttermost;
Once ’twas ceaseless holding,
Now He holds me fast;
Once ’twas constant drifting,
Now my anchor’s cast.

Once ’twas busy planning,
Now ’tis trustful prayer;
Once ’twas anxious caring,
Now He has the care;
Once ’twas what I wanted,
Now what Jesus says;
Once ’twas constant asking,
Now ’tis ceaseless praise.

Once it was my working,
His it hence shall be;
Once I tried to use Him,
Now He uses me;
Once the pow’r I wanted,
Now the Mighty One;
Once for self I laboured,
Now for Him alone.

Once I hoped in Jesus,
Now I know He’s mine;
Once my lamps were dying,
Now they brightly shine;
Once for death I waited,
Now His coming hail;
And my hopes are anchored
Safe within the veil.

by Albert B Simpson written in 1904 

Here is today’s reading from Oswald Chambers from his, My Utmost for His Highest.

Bless you as you grow


May 1st

Insight not emotion

I have to lead my life in faith, without seeing Him. 2 Cor. 5:7. (Moffatt.)

For a time we are conscious of God’s attentions, then, when God begins to use us in His enterprises, we take on a pathetic look and talk of the trials and the difficulties, and all the time God is trying to make us do our duty as obscure people. None of us would be obscure spiritually if we could help it. Can we do our duty when God has shut up heaven? Some of us always want to be illuminated saints with golden haloes and the flush of inspiration, and to have the saints of God dealing with us all the time. A gilt-edged saint is no good, he is abnormal, unfit for daily life, and altogether unlike God. We are here as men and women, not as half-fledged angels, to do the work of the world, and to do it with an infinitely greater power to stand the turmoil because we have been born from above.

If we try to re-introduce the rare moments of inspiration, it is a sign that it is not God we want. We are making a fetish of the moments when God did come and speak, and insisting that He must do it again; whereas what God wants us to do is to walk by faith. How many of us have laid ourselves by, as it were, and said—‘I cannot do any more until God appears to me.’ He never will, and without any inspiration, without any sudden touch of God, we will have to get up. Then comes the surprise—‘Why, He was there all the time, and I never knew it!’ Never live for the rare moments, they are surprises. God will give us touches of inspiration when He sees we are not in danger of being led away by them. We must never make our moments of inspiration our standard; our standard is our duty.

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