Worship and Poetry

Poetry is a wonderful means to express those deep thoughts and feelings that we all have inside of us. It has been done for centuries and is a most wonderful way to worship the Lord. The best part is that it does not even have to rhyme or have any punctuation!

This is the place where you will find poems I have written, or poems by others that inspire me and express things at time I am unable to do, but fit the bill perfectly.

You are also so very welcome to share your poems about your walk or worship of the Lord or others’ poems that have inspired you along the way in comments or let me know that I can lift them and put them here. Hymn words, music videos, anything in this department which can fall under the label Worship & Poetry, you will find here.

Just hold your mouse over the Worship & Poetry tab at the top and the menu will drop down to show you the titles of each one posted. Real simple.

May the Lord bless you!

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