AFTERWARD – Oswald Chambers
(Kirn, January 22, 1900)

O my beloved Jesus! Not Thy cross
Nor any portion of Thine earthly life
Revealed Thy love to me.
But when my heart broke in its first true love,
And all my feelings like a lash of pain
Recoiled and stung me, till my tortured nerves
Refused to aid my spirit—
Then, in that pain, I saw Thee, O my Christ!
And that my first love, which so hopeless seemed,
Was after all for Thee disguised indeed.
But I mistook the form assumed by Thee,
And now I love Thee, Jesus, with the love
That lovers think they have for those they love.
O rapture! where there was such pain before.

Chambers, O. 1958;2002. The Poems of Oswald Chambers;OCPOEMS. Marshall Morgan and Scott

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