Unravelled Wool


I feel myself unravelling like a knitted garment
And know I am being undone
one stitch at a time
As You tug on the twine of my life and make me anew

It is slow, this breaking down
Slower than my sometimes impatient heart would like
Hardened, ugly corners, thoughts and motives
Are being battered into shape
By circumstances out of my control
And yet not out of Your control, not once
Not ever

After flailing for years in fear and doubt
My worth no longer comes from inside this now, ageing flesh
Or from others who deem me friend or foe
but comes from the security of simply knowing, You Sent Your Son,
And it is here only because of His finished work on the cross
And only in that revelation, I can truly say
I began living

Where once great insecurity reigned supreme
Another Greater has taken its frightened, lonely place
And given me a worth valued higher than ever imagined
Where torment once ruled with an iron fist
Clenched fast around my depraved and sinful heart
I am now covered over with His robe of righteousness,
my sin is remembered no more and my peace and joy are full

I want to live in You,
move in You
and have my very being in You
More and more every day
Unravel me completely!
This garment wants no say in how it is to be refashioned

I want to hold on to nothing of me that ought not to be there
I want to hold on to You

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